About iSum

As humans, the driving force behind everything we do is our own personal happiness. We all want to be healthy, intelligent, successful, and satisfied. Unfortunately, many believe that achieving these simple desires is out of our control.

The truth is, you don’t need anything special to live an amazing life, just proper guidance and willpower.

Our philosophy is that every human should strive to be the best they can possibly be. By understanding exactly what the body wants, and supplying it, we can reach our highest potential.

Even the Dalai Lama once stated that “Human potential is the same for all. If you have willpower, then you can change anything”.

We believe that by cultivating willpower (with things like mental biohacking techniques), along with nutritional supplementation to “fill in the gaps” regarding our human physiology, we allow our bodies to function at the highest level possible.

When the body is functioning at its best, the simple goals of happiness, health, and success follow naturally.

Our Goal is to educate our readers about the many different ways they can unlock their human potential by applying this philosophy. We discuss human physiology and biochemistry, nutritional science, and lifestyle modifications that you can use to become a better human and live the best life possible.

Who We Are

We’re a group of regular people who have found extraordinary ways to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. We created iSum as a platform to educate people about simple ways they can improve their lives, and provide a window of insight into the techniques we’ve discovered.

Our team consists of finance specialists, marketing gurus, writers, researchers, and healthcare professionals. We’re constantly searching, testing, and investigating new supplements and biohacking techniques on a regular basis.

Our Team

James Reed (BSc) – Founder, Editor-in-Chief

James ReedEducation:

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (BSc): Pharmacology – McGill University

James is our cannabis guru. He holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in pharmacology from McGill University. During his study, James was part of a research team investigating the effects of CBD on the nervous system, specifically its interaction with the vanilloid (TRPV-1) receptors. He became fascinated by the plant and has spent a great deal of time doing further research over the years. His understanding of cannabis pharmacology allows him to accurately interpret scientific research as it develops, and present it in a way that readers can understand and digest. He dedicates himself to providing truthful, evidence-based information to his readers. In his spare time, James enjoys hiking through the California Redwoods with his dog Gus.

Evelyn Donroe – Staff Editor

Evelyn DonroeEducation:

  • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Health Science (BSc) – Simpson College
  • Master of Science in Nutrition Education (MS)

Evelyn is our general health expert and world traveler. She writes and reviews many of the articles here at iSum. Evelyn received a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Health Science from Simpson College and a Master of Science in Nutrition Education from American University Washington. Her busy schedule includes consulting for health-related tech startups across North America, giving lectures, and writing health and nutrition articles. She aims to make a large and convoluted world of health and medicine accessible to the public by helping innovative startups produce quality content and useful products. Evelyn is constantly searching for the perfect cup of coffee in local cafes during her regular trips around the continent and to Europe.

Kent Bennington – Author

Kent BenningtonEducation:

  • Psychology (BSc) – Concordia University, Canada

Kent is a recent science graduate in the field of psychology from Concordia University. He’s our expert on the topic of nootropics, neuroscience, and natural cognitive enhancement.

Kent’s entry into the field started with his trip to India in 2012, where he discovered the incredible power of traditional herbs like bacopa and their ability to address complex neurological problems. He then started experimenting on himself with an array of different cognitive supplements. He later moved to Canada to achieve a Bachelor of Sciences degree in psychology, with a particular interest in the impact of nootropics on cognitive function.

He aims to make the connection between science and nootropic supplementation understandable by the general public.

Kent spends his free time working his way through the publishing process of his first book on the topic of natural nootropics and cognitive supplementation. He enjoys playing his guitar in his free time and is known for his love of jazz.

What We’re All About

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to improve your productivity, searching for reviews on the best CBD oils, or interested in trying out nootropics for the first time, iSum is your one-stop-shop. All of our articles and product recommendations are nutritionist-approved. Most have even been tested personally by our team.

We offer in-depth information on various topics within the world of biohacking. Our main goal is to provide truthful, informative, and engaging information on these topics.

Our research team is constantly filtering through the scientific literature on topics ranging from nootropics and nutritional supplements to meditation and mindset hacking. We know you’re busy, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to boil this information down for you into one place.

Join us and learn how to better your life today!

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