BlueBird Botanicals CBD Review (2018 Update)

If we were to describe Bluebird Botanicals with one phrase, it would be a “CBD powerhouse”, because that’s what the company is. Founded and based in Louisville, Colorado, Bluebird Botanicals are one of the most revered names in the CBD industry.

Their offer includes different forms of superb quality hemp extracts, from tinctures and capsules to vape oils and pet care products. Long story short, Bluebird is one of the most reliable hemp manufacturers around.

In this review, we are going to shed light on the full spectrum of Bluebird Botanicals’ products so that no stone remains unturned. We will provide you with everything you need to know about the company and their CBD oil, so get ready for a decent portion of meat.

Let’s take a closer look at Bluebird Botanicals to begin with, shall we?

Bluebird Botanicals: Who Are They?

Bluebird Botanicals is a hemp company founded in 2012 by herbalist Brandon J. Beatty. Since then, Bluebird has become one of the most reputable manufacturers in the U.S. CBD industry.

Everything the company does can be wrapped up with one simple word: quality. From organic ingredients and rigorous checks, to a state of the art quality control system, you can only anticipate the purest CBD oil from Bluebird.

Their first ever CBD product line was launched back in 2013, and Bluebird Botanical never ceases to amaze their customers since then. Now, they ship their CBD oil nationwide, offer ten different CBD products, and is a true maverick among other hemp manufacturers.

But most importantly, Bluebird Botanicals are all honest about their third-party testing results so that their customers know the company does not throw words at wind unlike many other manufacturers. The aforementioned lab testing results are available on Bluebird’s official website.

On the whole, Bluebird Botanicals are transparent, straightforward, and most of all, they make outstanding CBD products, from the way they source their hemp (Colorado) to their extraction and manufacturing practices.

Our Guide to Bluebird Botanicals Products

Now that you have made yourself familiar with the brand behind the products, it’s time to introduce you to the part you came here for. Bluebird Botanicals houses plenty of CBD products, from hemp tinctures to CBD pet treats – let’s take a detailed look at what the company has to offer.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extracts

Bluebird Botanicals comes with a range of different hemp extracts. Each of them has different potency and flavor which allows you to choose a product that will be the most effective for your condition.

Speaking of which, hemp extracts have been shown to be rich in incredibly beneficial properties; people use them to alleviate illnesses such as chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, and nausea.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extract Classic

As the name suggests, this hemp extract is an absolute classic. It’s one of the best-selling hemp products from Bluebird Botanicals. No GMO, no gluten, no artificial sweeteners – Bluebird knows how to produce their CBD extracts. More interestingly, the product is vegan-friendly and is also produced with the use of full-spectrum hemp extracts to deliver the top-notch quality end product to the table.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Classic hemp extract according to the available sizes:

Size Price
⅓ oz $9.95
1 oz $24.95
2 oz $44.95
4 oz $79.95
8 oz $139.95


The best thing about Bluebird Botanicals is how honest and transparent the brand is, and the fact that they take no half-measures when it comes to the quality of their hemp CBD extracts. All ingredients are clearly listed on the website, along with information about the manufacturing practices.

The hemp from which Bluebirds source their CBD comes from top organic farmers, who are subject to strict standards said for industrial hemp cultivators. Each product undergoes rigorous controls to ensure that both the purity and the potency is superb.

The Classic hemp extract is a one-fits-all solution when it comes to tastes, as the product contains CBD rich hemp extract in organic hemp seed oil, and is totally unflavored.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extract Complete

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extract Complete offers the benefits of the Classic, but with a little twist; the Complete hemp extract comes with 250+mg of raw and heated cannabinoids per ounce, including terpenes contained in hemp. This unique formula enhances the natural power of the Classic with the entourage effect achieved by all ingredients in the extract.

Simply put, the formula lets you get the most out of the plant’s therapeutic qualities.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Complete hemp extract according to the available sizes:

Size Price
⅓ oz $11.95
1 oz $29.95
2 oz $49.96
4 oz $89.95
8 oz $159.95


Bluebird Botanicals uses an added water distilation process; it involves the use of natural terpenes (26 to be more precise) and other aldehydes and ketones.

Each batch of Hemp Extract Complete has been held against the strictest standards of quality control, ensuring the best results possible.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extract Signature

Here’s some good news for all flavor chasers out there: Buebird Signature hemp extract is something you can enjoy the most out of the whole selection of Bluebird’s CBD extracts. The product comes with all the benefits of Classic, with a touch of frankincense and black cumin seed oil to please your palate.

As for the ingredients, Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extract Signature contains:

  • 250+mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce
  • Wildcrafted frankincense extract
  • Black cumin seed cold-pressed oil
  • Organic virgin hempseed oil from cold-pressed seeds of industrial hemp.

It sounds like an effective and, at the same time, delicious treatment.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Signature hemp extract according to the available sizes:

Size Price
⅓ oz $11.95
1 oz $29.95
2 oz $34.96
4 oz $62.96
8 oz $111.96


Like all Bluebird’s products, the Signature extract is sourced from organic plants and produced using only high-quality processes. Plus, the black cumin seed oil and frankincense add up to the medicinal value of the product, making it one of the most effective extracts by Bluebird Botanicals.

Bluebird Hemp Sample Pack

Can’t make up your mind, wishing to have everything at once? Worry not, because Bluebird Botanicals has you covered with their Hemp Sample Pack. The whole kit includes three bottles of each CBD hemp extract from their assortment: Classic, Complete, and Signature. Each bottle has 10ml.

The sample pack is a splendid way to explore your CBD options without spending a small fortune on your herbal remedy. That being said, if you are unsure which extract will suit you the best, this pack will hands down come in handy.

Each sample bottle contains a total of 250+mg cannabinoids in the aforementioned blends. Yes, dear friends, you are getting the best of all worlds for $24.95. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask us.

Concentrated Extracts from Bluebird Botanicals

Hemp Classic 6X

Hemp Classic 6x combines the delicious flavor of the standard Classic Hemp Extracts, but with more of the cannabinoids in the volume. The Hemp Classic 6X comes with 1,500+mg of cannabinoids per fluid ounce, which is six times the original content.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Classic concentrate according to the available sizes:

Size Price
⅓ oz $49.95
1 oz $109.95
2 oz $199.95
4 oz $399.95
8 oz $599.95


Keep in mind that the taste of the Classic concentrate is more noticeable, but also more bitter than the original. Nonetheless, you can still mix it with smoothies or certain foods to tune down that taste if it doesn’t really suit your preferences.

Hemp Complete 6X

The Hemp Complete 6X is the most concentrated extract released from the wings of Bluebird Botanicals. It contains 1500+mg of raw and heated cannabinoids in a 1:1 ratio to give you the best of both worlds.

Thanks to the use of the finest ingredients and organic, GMO-free extra virgin olive oil, you can expect an extra boost of the therapeutic properties of the concentrate.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Complete concentrate according to the available sizes:

Size Price
⅓ oz $49.95
1 oz $119.95
2 oz $219.95
4 oz $379.95
8 oz $649.95


Hemp Signacture 6x

Analogically to the Classic concentrate, Hemp Signature 6X offers six times the amount of cannabinoids compared to the regular hemp Signature extract. Each bottle contains around 50+mg of cannabinoids per 1 ml of extract, and the potency is equal to those of the Hemp Classic 6X

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Signature concentrate according to the available sizes:

Size Price
⅓ oz $49.95
1 oz $119.95
2 oz $ 219.95
4 oz $379.95
8 oz $649.95


Hemp Signature 6X contains the same flavor profile as the regular Signature extracts with the taste of Frankincense and Black Cumin Oil. The only difference between these two lies in the cannabinoid content; like we said, Hemp Signature 6X comes with six times the original concentration.

6X Sample Pack

Just like the Hemp Sample Pack, the 6X counterpart allows you to taste all the range of Bluebird’s products to see which one is the best for your condition. If you can’t make up your mind yet, it’s a great way to sample the entire line, and then, make the final decision.

The 6X Sample Pack costs just $109.95, with three 10ml bottles of each of Bluebird’s concentrates. Each bottle is packed with 1,500+mg of cannabinoids, which makes it worth the price tag.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extract Capsules

As much as we appreciate the power of concentrates, many are not particularly fond of their bitter taste, which is why Bluebird Botanicals offers CBD capsules. Capsules can serve as a way to avoid the aforementioned flavor, not to mention that each capsule comes in a specific concentration. This, in turn, makes it easier to control your daily CBD dosage. Each capsule contains 15+mg of cannabinoids, sourced from the organic hemp oil.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of Hemp Extract Capsules  according to the available sizes:

Size Price
30 capsules $39.95
60 capsules $74.95


These capsules are third-party batch tested, flavorless, GMO-free, Gluten-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners. If you want to check the lab test results, feel free to do it on Bluebird’s official website.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate

All Bluebird Botanicals CBD isolates are 96-99.9% pure, with absolutely no flavor and odor, but with a clear appearance and a high-level of quality control. The CBD isolate is naturally extracted from organically grown hemp (which is also pesticide free) and utilizes an ethanol extraction method.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the CBD Isolate according to the available sizes:

Size Price
1 gram $39.95
2 grams $74.95
5 grams $174.95


Bluebird’s CBD isolates are a perfect choice for those who want to draw the most out of the benefits of CBD. Why? Because unlike the other products offered by the company, it is void of any other cannabinoids or active hemp compounds (such as terpenes and flavonoids). Consuming CBD isolates is pretty straightforward, too. They can be either vaped or applied sublingually for almost instant effects.

Bulk CBD Isolate

Want to buy CBD isolate in bulk? Bluebird Botanicals have you covered, as they offer their CBD isolate at wholesale cost making the investment worth your money; that is, of course, when you heavily rely on using CBD isolate for your health.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Bulk CBD Isolate according to the available sizes:

Size Price
250g $4,000
500g $7,500
1000g $14,000


To answer the yet unasked question: yes, the wholesale bulk CBD isolate is subject to the same strict requirements of quality control and third-party lab testing as the regular product. That being said, the isolate is potent, free of solvents, heavy metals and pesticides, and 99% pure.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Vape Oil

Are you a fan of vaping? That’s good, because Bluebird Botanical offers cannabidiol vape juice packed with over 1000mg of CBD per ounce of juice. Now, you can revel in a smooth and tasteless vaping experience that comes with all the health benefits of the highest-quality CBD isolate.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the CBD Vape Oil  according to the available sizes:

Size Price
333mg $29.95
1,000mg $74.95


As for the list of ingredients, Bluebird’s vape oil contains just three compounds: CBD isolate (hemp-CBD crystalline extract), USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine, and USP Grade Propylene Glycol. If you prefer to add some flavor to your CBD vape oil, you can mix it with other vape juices.

Bluebird Botanicals Pet Care Products

We are so content that Bluebird Botanicals also caters to our four-legged friends! The company offers two different options for your furry companions, so in the end, the whole family is covered.

Companion Oil

Bluebird’s Companion oil contains 250+mg of cannabinoids per fluid ounce. The hemp extract is sourced from organic hemp oil which makes the Companion line just the perfect supplement for your cat or dog. This variety of cannabis oil is completely legal in all 50 states, not to mention that it comes in handy for a variety of household pets. Finally, the new formula is packed with healthy Omega 6 and Omega 3 Acids, making it a fine addition to your pet’s wellness.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Companion Oil according to the available sizes:

Size Price
⅓ oz $9.95
1 oz $24.95
2 oz $44.95
4 oz $79.95
8 oz $139.95


Even though hemp CBD oil is legal and safe for pets, it’s recommended to consult a licensed veterinarian before you start administering cannabidiol to your dog. In fact, each change to your pet’s diet should be first consulted with a qualified vet, and CBD oil is no exception.

Companion Capsules

Bluebird Botanicals Companion Capsules are yet another way to add CBD to your pet’s food or favorite treats to enrich its diet with over 15mg of cannabinoids with each dose. Companion Capsules contain just glycerin, gelatine, purified water, and hemp extract in hempseed oil, which makes the final product all-natural. Each batch is third-party tested for potency and purity.

Here’s a quick price breakdown of Companion Capsules according to the available sizes:

Size Price
30 capsules $39.95
60 capsules $74.95


Final Hit on Bluebird Botanicals

Many CBD consumers consider Bluebird Botanicals the leading manufacturer in the industry, and for a good reason. The company offers a vast range of CBD products which are controlled to bring the top-notch quality CBD oil to the table.

What separates Bluebird Botanicals from the competitors who just want to make easy money on the booming market is their undeniable honest and transparency. When it comes to their products, not only are they proven by third-party lab testing, but their quality is reflected in the number of positive reviews from satisfied customers – they seem to be the norm all across the board.

The bottom line? We give Bluebird Botanicals our strong recommendations and can’t wait to see what the company will come up with in the future!

James Reed

James Reed

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