How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

Cannabis in system how long

From the neurobiological point of view, humans are hardwired for cannabis. We have an endocannabinoid system with receptors that perfectly interact with cannabinoids coming from the cannabis plant. When we consume weed, our bodies process its active substances in a variety of ways. Once it gets into your system, marijuana interacts with the body and … Read more

Different Types of Marijuana Strains: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid

Marijuana strains

The abundance of different marijuana strains is impressive, to say the least. Contrary to a popular belief, weed isn’t just weed. If you’ve ever browsed through different marijuana strains at your dispensary, you’ve probably noticed that they’re categorized into four different types. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid– does it ring a bell? Oh, we almost forgot… … Read more

Midterm Voting Results In Huge Wins For Cannabis

marijuana laws

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