CBD on The Brain: Neurological Effects of CBD Oil

cbd brain effects

The one-of-a-kind neurological effects of CBD are the main reason why this supplement has grabbed the world of wellness products by the throat. Unlike other cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, CBD has its own way of interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound whose largest concentration can be found in … Read more

Side Effects of CBD Oil: Can You Go Ever Wrong With CBD?


With all the lights on CBD, it’s easy to find information on its impressive range of  benefits – but are there any downsides of using CBD oil? Does CBD oil come with any side effects? Although the research on the medical use of cannabis (including marijuana and hemp) is in its infancy, so much has … Read more

CBD Oil Not Working: What Might Be the Reason?

CBD not working

Many people believe that the palette of health benefits of CBD oil makes this product a miracle cure. Let’s make it straight once and for all – it’s not. Yes, there is a growing body of scientific research showing Cannabidiol’s potential in relation to easing the symptoms of many serious health conditions. The list includes … Read more

13 Common Misconceptions & Actual Truth About CBD Oil

CBD Misconceptions

With the peaking popularity of CBD as a potential therapeutic compound, there’s also a sea of misconceptions about this cannabinoid. You know how it is, people like to spread myths about different things and CBD is no exception. Read on to protect yourself against common misinformation. The past year was a great milestone in the … Read more