Are Juul Pods and CBD Oil a Perfect Match?

We are big fans of Juul Pods. But you know what? We are also big fans of CBD (if you never heard of CBD before, take a look at our beginner guide.) Even in our boldest dreams, we would’ve never thought that these two could go together in one sentence.

That is, of course, until we came across CBD Juul Pods from Hempods.

I know what you’re thinking right now. “These guys must be crazy, Juul Pods are not designed for CBD, it can cause serious damage to the device.”

We couldn’t agree more! In fact, while it’s possible to find unofficial refillable Juul pods that could be filled with CBD oil or CBD vape juice, they could cause an entire range of problems, from leaking to off-gassing.

For those of you who are not familiar with Juul at all, we have put together a neat cheatsheet of what you need to know about this jiggy device. Once we’re done with the basics, we will elaborate more on the relevance of CBD Juul pods.

What Is a Juul Pod?

The Juul is a pocketable, USB-shaped vaping device. In general, this product isn’t much different from most other e-cigarettes. The liquid is very similar; it contains nicotine, solvents, and flavorings, the last two of which are used to help deliver the nicotine and flavors into the lungs, in the form of micro-particles.

But here’s what separates the Juul from other e-cigarettes. First of all, it’s extremely compact. Secondly, it’s rechargeable. And last but not least, it comes with a special mechanism that enables you to regulate the internal temperature. This, in turn, prevents the device from overheating or exploding – something which occurs with other types of vapes from time to time.

The Juul has become a global phenomenon, with over 82,000 posts under the #JUUL hashtag on Instagram. Parents and doctors are concerned because more underaged people use it on a regular basis. Is their concern backed by any scientific proof of the actual threat the Juul may pose to one’s health?

Let’s find out.

What Makes People Freak Out About the Juul Pods?

Although the company behind the Juul claims on their website that their device is for people 21 and up, parents and teachers are reporting that kids are vaping from the devices in the classroom.

In an interview with CNN, a 16-year-old California student told them that students are dipping into their backpacks for a quick draw when the teacher’s attention is focused on the blackboard, tucking the Juul away before the teacher turns back.

The fact that the Juul is rechargeable through a computer flash drive port doesn’t make it easy to detect either. Thus, many parents have no idea their kids have a vaping device – they confuse it with a pen drive.

The U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer openly criticized JUUL for promoting e-cigarettes with flavors that are attractive to minors in his letter to the Food and Drug Administration in 2017.

So, what’s the company’s stand on these accusations?

In his recent interview, a spokesperson for Juul Labs told that they strongly condemn the use of their product by adolescents, and it is, in fact, illegal to sell Juul to minors. From the legal point of view, the company has a clear conscience. As for the Senator’s letter, the spokesperson responded that the company is focused on meeting the preferences and needs of adult vapers who are eager to give up on cigarettes in favor of their product.

Is the Juul Pod Dangerous for Health?

Long story short, we don’t know for sure yet. Current research is still divided when it comes to the long-term effects of e-cigarettes on health. A study from Johns Hopkins has found that the vapors from a range of e-devices contain toxic levels of metals, such as lead; however, this study did not include the Juul.

Furthermore, a comprehensive review of over 800 studies on e-cigarettes – again, without the Juul – published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in January concluded that the majority of e-cigarette products carry a variety of potentially harmful substances, such as heavy metals and aldehydes.

In addition, the fact that one Juul pod is equivalent to approximately one pack of cigarettes or 200 draws – more than the typical e-cigarette provides – is pretty concerning given the aforementioned popularity of the Juul in minors.

Last but not least, the long-term use of the Juul may also impact heart health, as nicotine increases adrenaline levels, and as we all know, e-cigarette users like to puff their goodies regularly.

Is the Juul Pod Safer Than Regular Cigarettes?

If you’re not a tobacco user, you should probably stay away from Juul and other e-cigarettes, because hey, there are better materials to vape, right? We don’t have to look that further, just ask people about vaping CBD and they will tell you right away that it’s the new black when it comes to vaporization trends.

But if you already smoke cigarettes, switching to a Juul is a considerable option. This device is safer than traditional cigarettes, despite its high nicotine content. The main reason why the Juul is better than a regular cigarette is that it doesn’t trigger combustion; instead, it only vapes your stuff to the desired temperature, allowing you to revel in its bouquet of flavors.

There is, however, a risk that the Juul could potentially lead to using traditional tobacco cigarettes by adolescents who get hooked on nicotine, says cardiologist Holly Middlekauf, M.D., professor of medicine and physiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Are there CBD Juul Pods?

As we said, vaping CBD is a hot trend right now, mainly thanks to the health benefits offered by Cannabidiol. But we already have vape pens for CBD, so what would be the point of creating a CBD Juul pod? There’s no way such a thing exists.

That was exactly our pattern of thinking. So, imagine our faces when we got introduced to Hempod, a company founded by two 22-year-old students who created a CBD Juul pod to give us, vape lovers, the best of both worlds.

The two brothers standing behind the company established their business for two reasons: one of the brothers was really into CBD after he discovered its anti-anxiety properties, and the other one has just quit cigarettes in favor of vaping. Then, as they say, they realized that this is the ultimate mix for all CBD vapers out there.

How did they end up with the perfect formula? It was nothing more than the good ol’ trial-and-error approach. For the past six months, the brothers have been filling empty pods with a mixture of e-liquid and Cannabidiol, trying to tailor the perfect ratio.

Now that they managed to achieve it and put it through first prototype tests with a ceramic coil pod, Hempod has now switched to a cotton-wick one. They sell for $50 a pop, which is a decent price considering how the brothers cared about the pod staying in place and not leaking out.

Can You Put CBD Oil in a Juul?

Unless you’re using the one from Hempod, the answer is hard “No.” The Juul is a closed system, meaning it’s non-refillable, so any attempt to refill your pod with CBD oil could cause leaking problems that could damage the battery. If you scan through online forums, you will see a number of threads about people attempting to refill their Juul pods with CBD oil and failed miserably.

By its nature, the Juul is not designed to vape CBD oil, so you may eventually end up wasting a product that isn’t exactly cheap. Add a broken device to it and you have more things to put on your “regret list”.

Juul Pod Alternatives

If you don’t want to dabble with refilling your Juul pod with CBD, yet investing in a Juul and a dedicated CBD pod is not on your priority list right now, you can try some of the Juul alternatives we present below.

KandyPens Rubi

The KandyPens Rubi vape pen is one of the Juul’s closest competitors. The main advantage of this device is that it’s an open pod system, meaning that it can vape any type of e-juice, as well as CBD oil. If you’re looking for one of the more versatile e-cigs on the market, KandyPens Rubi is a considerable option.

HoneyStick Vpod

This vape pen is yet another example of why the old fashioned refillable oil vaporizer deserves to remain in the vaping marketplace. Contrary to the Juul device, HoneyStick Vpod grants you the freedom to choose any type of oil you want. Pair it with lengthy battery life and impressive vapor production, and there you go – a great alternative to the Juul!

HoneyStick Squeeze Box Phantom

this refillable oil vaporizer is hands down one of the best devices you can ever come across. It comes with four preset temperatures and is small enough to fit in a small pocket. Plus, it has a cool squeeze-to-vape feature that makes the vaporizer really entertaining to use.

Rokin Thunder

This device is also known as the Rokin Thunder Easy-fill, and for a very good reason. Yes, Rokin Thunder is easy to fill with whatever kind of e-juice or oil you want. It also produces great vapor and has three different power settings to help you customize your vaping experience. Finally, the Thunder is one of the best vaporizers for beginners because of the aforementioned ease of use and its affordable price.

The Truth About Juul CBD Cartridges

Currently, the only legitimate way to vape CBD with Juuls is to buy the Hempods cartridges that have been exclusively designed to fit the device. Trying to refill your Juul pod with CBD oil can be disastrous to your unit, so if you don’t want to spend money on both the Juul and Hempods, the best option is getting a Juul alternative. There are plenty of decent options on the market to choose from, so once you estimate your budget, you can do the research or follow our suggestions.

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