Where to Buy CBD Oil in Los Angeles?

California has always been one of the most cannabis-friendly states in the U.S., but it is Los Angeles, the City of Angels, that has become the cradle of all the cannabis culture.

The recreational use of cannabis has been legal in Los Angeles since 2016, and in January 2018, California legalized its sales. Cannabis stores are popping up like mushrooms after heavy raining, more and more people become aware of the beneficial properties of the herb, and the industry is booming like never before.

Well, so is the hemp CBD oil segment of the market. Los Angeles is home to some of the best CBD oil stores in the entire country, so if you are looking for the top-notch quality of CBD products, L.A. has got you covered.

Nonetheless, there are probably many questions arising in your head considering the unclear legal situation of cannabis in some states. Hopefully, California has a simple and transparent legal framework for the plant, so buying CBD oil in Los Angeles – be it marijuana or hemp CBD oil – is pretty easy.

Update: We no longer recommend purchasing CBD oil locally due to contaminated and untested CBD oils being sold in Los Angeles stores.

If you are interested in learning more, read our guide on buying CBD near you.

To save you time, we have compiled a list of the best pure CBD oils available for purchase legally in Los Angeles below.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Los Angeles?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Los Angeles in practically every form. Until 2016, California residents could only use cannabis for medical purposes, but since then, both the medical and recreational use of marijuana has become legal.

That being said, you can buy CBD oil in Los Angeles even if it contains significant amounts of THC.

Marijuana CBD Oil in Los Angeles

Looking for CBD oil that is sourced from female cannabis plants and is accompanied by moderate-to-high levels of THC? That’s great, because cannabis products are easily available in the second-largest city in the country.

You can buy marijuana CBD oil in one of the state-licensed dispensaries (recreational or medical) as long as you are at least 21 and have a valid proof of identity.

However, if you prefer shopping online, you can browse the Web for the best-rated online dispensaries in the city. There are even apps and websites designed specifically to compare different cannabis dispensaries according to the user reviews.

Hemp CBD Oil in Los Angeles

Hemp CBD oil and other hemp-derived products are legal in Los Angeles. The hemp CBD industry, however, is much less regulated than other segments of the cannabis market. That being said, until recently, it was easy to get deceived by overseas companies who were trying to flood the CBD oil industry with their cheap and mediocre-to-low quality products.

Thankfully, as the cannabis industry is growing stronger each day, each week and each month, so is the number of hemp CBD oil local stores and online retailers who know their business roots to branches and joined the community with the mission to support the cannabis legalization movement all across the States.

Let’s see where to buy the best quality CBD oil in Los Angeles.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Los Angeles

As we mentioned, Los Angeles is home to some of the finest cannabis dispensaries and hemp CBD stores where you can buy your herbal remedy and be certain about its quality.

When it comes to buying CBD oil in Los Angeles, there are two ways: go and find a dispensary near you or shop for the oil online.

Buying CBD Oil Online in Los Angeles

As I mentioned above, no longer do we have to order CBD oil from overseas companies; now, there are many online CBD retailers that live up to the current industry standards. And believe me, you won’t last long on the market if your business is involved in shady practices.

Speaking of these standards, it’s of the paramount importance to check if the manufacturer:

  • Makes the CBD oil from organic, certified, industrial hemp
  • Offers a broad spectrum of cannabinoids in their products
  • Publishes 3rd-party lab test results on the official website
  • Uses CO2 extraction for making the oil
  • Has clear shipping & return policies
  • Provides knowledgeable customer service

If the company meets the above criteria, you can put your trust in them. For more specific details about purchasing CBD oil on the Internet, we encourage you to read our CBD Oil Online Buying Guide.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in Los Angeles

Los Angeles houses over a dozen CBD oil medical dispensaries, so there is plenty of places to choose from. If you want to check for the best dispensaries in L.A., open one of the comparison apps and make your choice.

I have already picked out some of the top-rated cannabis dispensaries and CBD stores in Los Angeles, so if any of these is located near you, wait no more and pay them a visit.

Want to learn how to shop for CBD oil locally? Check out our “Where to Find CBD Oil Near Me?” guide!

Best Medical Dispensaries in Los Angeles

Name Address
Exhale Med Center 980 N La Cienega Blvd, Ste 102, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Organic Medirex Consultations 11335 Magnolia Blvd, Ste 2D, North Hollywood, CA 91601


Best CBD Oil Stores in Santa Monica, Venice, and Beverly Hills

Name Address
Rose Collective 411 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291
Barc Collective 432 S San Vincente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Westside Organic Delivery (medical only) Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064


Best CBD Oil Stores in West Hollywood

Name Address
Beverly Vapes 8023 Beverly Blvd, Ste 5, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Teagardins 8531 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069


Best CBD Oil Stores in Woodland Hills

Name Address
Clinick Caregivers 20844 Vanowen St, Canoga Park, CA 91306
The Healing Touch 18013 Ventura Blvd, Unit A, Encino, CA 91316

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