Best CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia

Sleep deprivation is ravaging modern societies. We’re living in a fast-paced and tech-forward era when too much burden is sometimes placed on our shoulders. Such stressful living conditions make our sleeping habits deteriorate, and the constant lack of sleep will eventually lead to insomnia, which is a serious medical condition.

It’s a common knowledge that cannabis, as a whole plant, promotes better sleep and helps us fight chronic stress, anxiety, and even pain – all of which contribute to the development of insomnia. But which cannabinoids are directly responsible for triggering those soothing effects on the body and mind?

According to the growing body of science-backed evidence, CBD plays a major role in regulating the sleep cycle. This non-intoxicating cannabinoid reduces the anxiety-driven behavior, relieves stress, and improves the performance of the nervous and immune systems.

So, is CBD oil a safe and effective alternative to the pharmacological treatment? How does cannabidiol help regulate the sleep cycle? And, last but not least, how to find the best CBD oil for sleep and insomnia?

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5 Best CBD Oils for Sleep And Insomnia

As we mentioned before, it is still not scientifically proven on a large scale that CBD truly helps alleviate sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Many patients, however, claim that CBD oil has changed their lives and that they’re finally able to function normally throughout the day without the use of prescription drugs.

If the oil works give you a sense of relief, then we couldn’t be more happy for you.

Now, let’s get to our list of best CBD oils for sleep and insomnia.

1. CBD Pure Hemp Extract (Best Extraction Technique)


  • Full transparency
  • 100% organic, cold pressed and unrefined
  • Extracted with CO2 to ensure the purity
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • Comes in 3 different dosages


  • Only available online
  • The 600 mg bottle is quite expensive

Last but not least, here comes one of our favorite CBD oil brands. CBDPure is second-to-none when it comes to transparency. The company is open about their 3rd-party lab test results on their website, so you can look up the batch testing done before you put your hands on the oil. It can really put one’s mind at ease.

In addition to providing completely safe, high-quality products, CBDPure excels at the purity of their oils. Their CBD oil has been extracted with the cold-press method, which is how the finest olive oil is made.

Their products come at regular market prices, but if you’re looking for the maximum potency, the 600 mg bottle may be too pricey at first glance. Nonetheless, the quality is well worth the money.

Was: $39.99 – $89.99
Sale: $29.99 – $79.99

2. Elixinol CBD Oil (Most Trusted Manufacturer)


  • A high degree of transparency
  • The oil is derived from 100% organic, industrial hemp
  • Full-spectrum extract
  • 3rd party tested for quality
  • A wide selection of dosages
  • No additives or artificial flavorings
  • Extracted with CO2
  • The company ships their products all across the globe


  • A bit pricey

Elixinol is so deeply rooted in the cannabis industry that many CBD users consider them one of the best manufacturers in the world. They have been shipping their CBD oil products to customers all over the world and coined plenty of articles on popular websites/news portals.

Elixinol offers an outstanding selection of various CBD-based products. These include oils, capsules, topicals, pet care edibles – you name it.

Their CBD oil is derived from fully organic hemp and then extracted with the use of CO2 which ensures the top quality of the final product. Pair it with 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry and you will see why they claim to have nailed the extraction process.

The oil has a rich vitamin profile, let alone a wide range of flavonoids, terpenes, and glycosides. If you’re a flavor-chaser, you should definitely try the Cinnamint flavor – it makes the ingestion of CBD oil much more pleasant.

Price: $249

3. PureKana CBD Oil (Best Oil Overall)


  • Sourced from industrial, organic, non-GMO Hemp
  • Comes in different flavors
  • THC level below 0.03%
  • Extracted with CO2
  • Lab-tested for quality
  • Perfect for sleep disorders


  • Could offer a wider range of dosages

If you’ve never heard of PureKana before, you’re not in the minority. This Los Angeles based, one-of-a-kind company brings the true quality of CBD oil to the table, and their products are legal in all 50 states.

Their CBD is derived from the organic, pesticide-free hemp. The company uses the unique CO2 extraction method, which ensures the top-notch purity of the final product. According to user reviews, CBD oil from PureKana does very well in relieving pain, alleviating anxiety, and treating stress-related sleep disorders.

What we particularly like about PureKana is that they don’t tolerate compromises when it comes to the quality of their oils. The manufacturer proudly shows the results of independent 3rd party lab tests that are yet another proof of their credibility.

Their CBD oil maintains the market price, but the cost may vary between different products and their potencies. PureKana CBD oil comes in 300 / 600 / 1000 mg bottles.

Price: $48-$149

4. Green Roads CBD Oil (Best CBD Oil For Anxiety)


  • Full spectrum of cannabinoids
  • 100% organic
  • non-GMO
  • Extracted with CO2
  • 3rd party tested for quality


  • Pricey

Green Roads is one of the most reputable CBD companies in the world. Their products have become top sellers over the last few years, and the company doesn’t cease to provide their clients with a-class customer service.

Their CBD oil is famous for helping with anxiety-related sleep disorders. Patients who use Green Roads CBD oil are continuously reporting improvements in the sleep & wake cycle, which is invaluable for fighting insomnia.

The company is transparent about everything; their oil is extracted without any solvents, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, which makes it a fully organic product. If you’re new to the cannabis industry, Green Roads explains all the information about each product, along with independent laboratory tests on their website.

Any downsides? Well, if we were to be extremely fussy, we would say the oil is a bit pricey. But then again, what CBD oil isn’t?

Price: $84.99

5. CBD Essence (Best Oil For Chronic Pain & Insomnia)


  • 100% organic
  • Extracted with CO2
  • Comes at competitive prices
  • Decent quantity of CBD per ML
  • Full spectrum of cannabinoids
  • Lab tested


  • Only natural flavor available

If you want to get off your regular meds and try a safe and natural alternative for treating chronic pain, the CBD Essence may be worth your consideration.

Chronic pain is one of the most common causes of insomnia, and this CBD oil contains just the perfect cannabinoid profile to help you overcome the daily ordeal. The oil contains plenty of terpenes that add up to the overall therapeutic effect.

Like all reputable manufacturers, the company uses the CO2 extraction process to ensure that their final product has achieved pristine purity and is rich in concentrated goodness. On top of that, their CBD oil tinctures offer a variety of different dosages; you can buy them in 150mg, 300mg, and 400mg potencies.

Price: $24 – $190

What Are the Consequences of Chronic Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is essential for humans to function properly. It helps us regenerate, bolsters the immune system, and regulates a wide range of important processes occurring in the brain.

Acute sleep deprivation already brings some inconveniences the day after. Irritation, issues with concentration, headaches, mood swings, slowed metabolism – it’s pretty much if you ask us.

If the lack of sleep turns into a chronic state, it can trigger insomnia, which may further lead to serious neurological conditions. People suffering from insomnia often find themselves in a vicious circle; they are constantly exposed to stress and thus start to have anxious thoughts over time; chronic stress and anxiety trigger insomnia; insomnia leads to depression.

So, to cut the long story short, chronic sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on both your body and brain.

Why Is Insomnia Such a Serious Illness

If you consider the potential number of illnesses associated with insomnia frightening, take a look at the statistics and you will understand that the sheer seriousness of insomnia is merely a drop in the ocean when compared to the scale of the problem.

The Center for Disease Control has reported that chronic sleep deprivation has become a public health issue. According to the current data, there are around 70 million American adults suffering from insomnia. As you can see, the numbers are dreadful. What’s worse is that sleep disorders affect more children and young adolescents each year.

Side Effects of Pharmacological Insomnia Treatment

As it is with all chronic illnesses, the go-to treatment is the pharmacological therapy. Doctors prescribe anti-anxiety drugs which provide short-term relief but may be dangerous to one’s health in the long run.

The main concern about pharmaceutical drugs is that they only treat the symptoms of insomnia – not the root of the problem. That being said, you need to continuously supply your system with certain doses of a drug. This, in turn, may trigger dangerous side effects, such as strong dependence, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, inflammation, liver failures, and even rebound insomnia.

Now, when one drug fights the symptoms of insomnia but causes other health conditions, you enter another vicious circle by taking extra prescription drugs for pain, inflammation, etc. Ending up with a drug cocktail can be disastrousforo your health.

CBD: A Safe Alternative to Prescription Drugs

Cannabidiol has drawn everybody’s attention when parents have discovered that the cannabis plant can significantly reduce epileptic seizures in children. Since then, CBD has become outstandingly popular; It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that cannabidiol has now more of a spotlight than THC, its intoxicating counterpart. Now widely available through online vendors and at health stores near you, CBD is taking the world by storm.

Like prescription drugs, CBD can alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia. However, cannabidiol seems to succeed where pharmaceuticals fail because it actually tackles the root of the problem. Moreover, CBD is completely safe for humans, with no serious side effects on health.

This Is How CBD Affects Sleep

CBD is one of the phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Just like other phytocannabinoids, CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System whose role is to maintain homeostasis in the body.

CBD interacts mostly with CB1 receptors which are spread throughout the entire body, but they’re found in the highest concentrations in the immune and nervous systems. The interaction between CBD and endocannabinoid receptors, proteins, and other chemicals in the brain, triggers changes in the activity of hormones, and neurotransmitters throughout the brain and the body.

By bringing the balance to our endocannabinoid systems, CBD “attacks” the very core of serious chronic illnesses, instead of just masking their symptoms.

Okay, but how exactly does CBD oil works for sleep and insomnia?

According to research, cannabidiol can:

  • Reduce anxiety by boosting the serotonin activity in the brain
  • Stimulate alertness in small doses, which helps the brain reduce daytime sleepiness and keep the sleep-wake cycle undisturbed
  • Alleviate insomnia in people suffering from chronic pain
  • Improve REM sleep phase in people with PTSD
  • Reduce the REM behavior disorder in patients who struggle with neurological conditions
  • Improve the overall sleep quality

But most importantly, the use of CBD doesn’t entail the side effects of prescription drugs. The only inconveniences you may experience – and that would require you to take excessive doses of CBD oil on a regular basis – are dry mouth, drowsiness, and lowered blood pressure.

What to Look For When Buying CBD Oil For Insomnia?

To say the nature of the cannabis industry is loosely-regulated would be a big euphemism. This, in turn, create just the perfect opportunities for some ‘businesses’ to fall short of their label claims and get away with it.

To begin with, we must distinguish between the marijuana and hemp-derived CBD oil. Cannabidiol sourced from female cannabis plants is legal only in states that allow either the medical or recreational use of marijuana – or both.

Hemp-derived CBD, on the other hand, is sourced from industrial hemp plants that contain less than 0.03% THC and is, therefore, legal in all 50 states. Currently, no government agency regulates  CBD hemp oil. Given this, you’ll need to verify the following things:


Always check if your CBD oil is sourced from high-quality, organic hemp. Most companies manufacturing CBD oils use hemp imported from Scandinavian regions, mainly from Denmark. Some producers, however, go local and you will find a couple companies sourcing their CBD oil from the Colorado hemp fields, for example.

3rd Party Lab Test Results

In such a peculiar industry, many manufacturers tend to draw their giant sales guns and make promises of wonders, talk about super-advanced technologies, and why you need THEIR oil, in particular.

Don’t get us wrong, some manufacturers really live up to their claims, but we don’t like shooting blinds when it comes to our health, do we?

This is when 3rd party lab testing steps into the game. If a site is open about their 3rd party test results, they’re keepers. Those tests are performed in independent laboratories, so there’s no better way to verify the authenticity of your CBD oil provider than to read them.

High-end CBD oil manufacturers not only provide their customers with those results, but they are also willing to explain what they actually mean. After all, not everybody is a scientist, you know – people like to keep things straight in general.

Extraction Method

One of the most important features of a good-quality CBD oil is the purity of the final product once it gets extracted.

As we’re writing this guide, the most advanced extraction method is believed to be CO2 extraction. The process removes fats and lipids in order to obtain pure CBD oil. Always check if the manufacturer of your choice uses CO2 extraction to create their cannabidiol-based products.

It’s actually not that difficult to find them, as only a number of companies have truly mastered the process.

Cannabinoid Spectrum

Although hard science is scant on the so-called cannabis entourage effect, there is a myriad of voices coming from self-reports and data gathered by cannabis breeders claiming that cannabinoids and terpenes produce synergy, achieving better therapeutic effects as a result.

Look at the label and see the list of cannabinoids contained in your CBD oil and check their ratio. Then, do your research about the synergy between particular cannabinoids and terpenes so that you know what effects to anticipate.

Of course, we’re getting into many details here, and truth to be said, any decent-quality full spectrum CBD oil should suffice, but if you really want to “personalize” your medication, we encourage you to dig deeper in the subject.


The price of CBD oil will tell you a lot about its quality. When shopping for the best CBD oil for sleep and insomnia, you’ll be tempted by promises of buying cheap and achieving the same effects with your product.

Don’t be one of those guys who succumb to temptation. Buying cheap means buying twice, or in some cases, never again.

Be aware that hemp, for instance, belongs to the group of “bio-accumulators”; simply put, it can suck up toxins from the soil like crazy. If the oil is cheap, the company probably doesn’t care much about… anything that happens to their hemp.

We’re not going to deny that the purchase cost of CBD oil is high. However, legitimate companies are forced to raise their prices in order to meet the current standards and enhance the quality of their products.


Frequent sleep deprivation and insomnia are among the most common civilizational health conditions. Once ignored and untreated, they can result in a number of serious neurological conditions.

People have become fed up with the fact that the pharmacological treatment only masks the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia instead of fighting the root of the problem. Plus, it’s a common knowledge that prescription drugs will get you hooked on them sooner or later because of their chemical nature.

Thankfully, according to the growing body of both scientific and anecdotal evidence, it appears that the golden remedy for treating sleep disorders is closer than we would expect. CBD oil seems to successfully help with insomnia by bringing balance to the endocannabinoid system.

However, since the cannabis industry is very loosely regulated, it’s essential to be able to tell the difference between the good and bad-quality CBD oil.

Remember that this product can be extracted either from marijuana or from the hemp plant. If you’re living in a state which doesn’t allow the use of medical or recreational cannabis, you can only use the hemp-derived CBD oil – it’s legal in all 50 states.

When you finally find a trusted manufacturer – we hope that the above guideline will come in handy! – it’s up to you and your medical professional to establish the right dosage and the potency of your CBD oil. If oil isn’t your forté and you prefer to administer CBD through other methods, it’s worth exploring CBD vape oils and CBD edibles.

If it works for you, spread the good word to support other patients for their right to medicate in a safe and natural way.

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