Where to Buy CBD Oil in Utah?

Following the leading states in the country, such as Florida, New York, and California, Utah is becoming one of the best places to purchase hemp-based CBD products. There is an abundance of vape shops and head shops in the state that carry top-notch CBD goods. From the Mountain West to the Salt Lake City Area, CBD becomes a position that every wellness store wants to have on their shelves.

But hey, there are more places to buy CBD oil in Utah! If you live near Layton, Kaysville, Ogden, and St. George, you may consider yourself lucky – these places have plenty of locations where you can buy your hemp goods, too.

Yet, if buying locally is not your thing, you can always order some products online. As a matter of fact, buying CBD is more convenient on the whole, but we will elaborate on that later.

Before we do that, though, it is appropriate, by virtue of your own safety, to ask one basic question:

Update: We no longer recommend purchasing CBD oil locally due to contaminated and untested CBD oils being sold in Utah stores.

If you are interested in learning more, read our guide on buying CBD near you.

To save you time, we have compiled a list of the best pure CBD oils available for purchase legally in Utah below.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Utah?

Yes and no.

Don’t worry, the laws regarding the use of Cannabidiol are not as complicated as you may think. In fact, once you know the difference between the hemp- and marijuana-derived CBD oil, you will know exactly what to use and what to abstain from when thinking about buying CBD oil in Utah.

Marijuana CBD Oil in Utah

Let’s be honest, Utah has never been a marijuana-friendly place, but the latest news suggests that the times certainly are changing. Governor Gary Herbert has signed several documents which will allow local farmers that have been licensed by the state to grow marijuana on their farms for both research and medical purposes in 2019.

Moreover, patients who put their signature on the doctor’s notes indicating they have less than six months to live will be granted the right to possess and consume marijuana to ease their suffering. While this isn’t a full-spread marijuana legalization, at least we can see some progress in the state that has long been considered one of the worst places to be caught with cannabis in the U.S.

Utah is also on its way to vote to fully legalize medical marijuana this fall (2018), so let us hope that the new legislation expands the medical laws within the state’s borders.

As for the recreational use of marijuana CBD oil in Utah, it is considered a class B misdemeanor punishable with up to 6 months of imprisonment and a maximum fine of $1,000.  Unfortunately, no legislation has been introduced to change the current policy.

Hemp CBD Oil in Utah

Things look much better when it comes to buying hemp CBD oil in Utah. Like all other 49 states, Utah must abide by the 2014 Farm Bill that legalized hemp and all hemp-derived products on the federal level. U.S. farmers got permission to cultivate hemp for industrial and research purposes, and hemp CBD oil finally got categorized as a food supplement.

However, this categorization makes it quite difficult to regulate the CBD oil industry, so finding good-quality CBD goods can amount to a serious challenge. Moreover, despite well-documented evidence of the health benefits of CBD oil, CBD companies cannot make any medical claims about the oil (if it’s derived from hemp, not marijuana).

Fortunately, the state of Utah hasn’t come up with any legislation to regulate hemp-derived CBD oil and let’s hope that the situation will remain unchanged.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Utah?

When buying CBD oil in Utah, you have two options: you can either buy it somewhere near you or shop for CBD products online. Both ways have their pros and cons, so the final decision is up to you.

Nonetheless, we believe that you might find the below information interesting. Here are some highlights of buying CBD oil both locally and online.

Buying CBD Oil Online in Utah

The perks that come with buying CBD oil online are plenty. Not only is this method convenient – as opposed to some cases of buying CBD oil near you – but it’s also easier and faster. Actually, you will need anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to place your order.

On top of that, we all know that buying anything online usually comes with better price deals. The competition in the hemp industry is rapidly increasing, so in order not to be left behind by competitors, each company needs to fight for its customers. Speaking of which, those who like, or need to, buy CBD goods in large quantities will find the omnipresent wholesale deals appealing.

Nevertheless, before you decide to put your trust in any CBD company, make sure you do the proper background check on them. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the manufacturer use 100% organic hemp?
  • Is the oil extracted with environment-friendly methods?
  • Does the company provide third-party lab testing results of its products?
  • Are the shipping & return policies clean?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, you can give the company a green light.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Locally in Utah?

If you want to buy CBD oil in Utah somewhere near you, that’s completely okay – you know, some people prefer to do it in a classic way.

The unequivocal advantage of buying CBD oil locally is that you can ask the staff at a CBD store to clarify any uncertainty you may feel when choosing between different CBD products. The majority of 4-5-star rated CBD shops employ knowledgeable customer service, so if you need help here and now – there you have it!

When it comes to buying CBD oil in Utah, there are several excellent stores when you can get Cannabidiol in various forms. From tinctures to capsules, topicals, and vape juices, the state has got you covered.

Below we list some of the best-rated CBD oil shops in Utah.

Best CBD Oil Stores in the Salt Lake City Area

Salt Lake City is home to plenty of reputable vape shops and head shops that carry CBD oil. Whenever you’re in town, make sure to visit the following locations:

Name Address
Koodegras Snufr 4356 South 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84124
Alternatives 4663 W 6200th S, West Jordan, UT 84118
Smoke Spot 1074 W S Jordan Pkwy, UT 84095

Best CBD Oil Stores in Layton

When trying to find CBD oil shops in Layton, consider visiting Aloha Nutrition. Established in 1993, the shop is operated by nutritional and herbal specialists who offer a variety of alternative medicine products. High-quality CBD oils, Kava, essential oils – you name it. You will find Aloha nutrition under the following address:

Name Address
Aloha Nutrition 1948 Woodland Park Dr, Layton, UT 84041

Best CBD Oil Stores in Kaysville

All CBD enthusiasts who are staying or living in Kaysville are welcome to enter Green Horizen, a shop that specializes in 99% pure CBD oil. The best part about Green Horizen is that customers are offered a 60-day money back guarantee should they end up unsatisfied with their product.

Name Address
Green Horizen 140 N Main St, Kaysville, UT 84037

Best CBD Oil Stores in Ogden

For all gourmet CBD users out there, we strongly recommend visiting Gourmet Vapor. Established in 2013, the shop offers one of Utah’s widest selections of vaporizers, vape accessories and hemp-based products.

Name Address
Gourmet Vapor 1167 W 12th, Ogden, UT 84404

Best CBD Oil Stores in St. George

Looking for more than just CBD oil tinctures? Then you might want to consider paying a visit to The Healing Herb / Magic Stuff Balms located in St. George. The shop carries essential oil blends, vitamins, essential oils, and an impressive array of CBD-infused products, including CBD oral sprays and CBD topical balms.

Name Address
The Healing Herb / Magic Stuff Balms 71 N 100th W, St. George, UT 84470

Final Thoughts on Buying CBD Oil in Utah

Despite being harsh on both medical and recreational marijuana to date, Utah is finally hopping on the progressive bandwagon to join other states that have legalized cannabis within their borders. Sooner or later, residents of Utah will be able to enjoy CBD oil from both sources – marijuana and hemp.

Until that happens, people living in Utah have to rely on hemp-derived CBD oil. Hemp is legal in all 50 states, and CBD oil sourced from this variety of the cannabis plant is widely available in Utah. In fact, the state may soon follow the lead of the most-developed CBD markets in the U.S.

Whenever you’re in the state, check the above locations for high-quality CBD oil. Or, if you value convenience, opt for buying CBD oil online.