Diamond CBD Review & Coupon Code (2018 Update)

The value of the CBD industry has skyrocketed since the Farm Bill entered into force, but once the FDA officially approved the first Cannabidiol-based drug for epileptic children, it is estimated that it will become a multi-billion dollar market in the next few years.

CBD is a true gold vein right now, so there is a rapidly growing level of competition about different companies. Many of them have entered the race for the title of the best CBD oil supplier, and Diamond CBD, a rising star, is among them. There are many words we could use to describe the company, but as you can guess, a whole review will be hands down better.

So, let’s answer the first question.

Who Are Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD is a Cannabidiol seller who has a clear mission to elevate the standard of CBD products across the United States, while providing their customers with an impressive range of different CBD goods. Diamond CBD imports its hemp in Scandinavia, where the plant is grown in fertile soil. Plus, only organic techniques are used for the cultivation, with each plant being hand-selected before the harvest.

Nonetheless, what we value the most about Diamond CBD is that the company uses supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain the CBD, which is then tested with the use of High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). That being said, yes, Diamond CBD is science-friendly, and you can tell it right away.

Diamond CBD Highlights

As you can see, Diamond CBD is not your regular CBD supplier. The company is about more than gaining income; they really want to contribute to the cannabis and hemp community by producing some of the finest-quality CBD products on the market.

Here’s a quick breakdown of it’s worth to give the company a shot:

  • 100% organic hemp grown in Scandinavia
  • Full-spectrum extracts obtained through subcritical CO2 extraction
  • Backed by extensive 3rd-party lab testing
  • A wide range of CBD-infused products
  • Clear shipping & return policies
  • Friendly customer service

After our experience with Diamond CBD, we have put together a comprehensive review of their products. Off we go!

Review of Diamond CBD Products

As mentioned above, Diamond CBD stops at nothing in terms of the various types of CBD-based products they offer. You can find anything and everything you’ve ever heard of, including CBD tinctures, edibles, topicals, capsules, sprays, vape oils etc.

As such, their inventory may seem overwhelming and make it difficult to decide on the product that might work best for you. Moreover, their product descriptions don’t read easily, to say the least, so yeah, Diamond CBD – hire a better copywriter to wrap this up for you.

Anyway, let us proceed to the first review.

Diamond CBD Oils (Tinctures & Vapes)

When it comes to CBD oil, Diamond CBD doesn’t cease to surprise us with the variety of their products. They sell high-end vapor-liquid which is infused with CBD hemp oil extract. Of all the companies we have reviewed so far, Diamond CBD offers the widest range of products.

Here’s the list of the most popular flavors from the Diamond CBD oil selection:

  • Strawberry Banana
  • Butterscotch
  • Lemon Lime
  • Dragon Fruit

Each flavor comes in 10 different sizes, from 25mg ($19.99) to 1500mg ($219.99). As you can see, the company has an option for every budget, depending on how often you are going to use your CBD oil. Diamond CBD claims its liquids have a 7x higher concentration of CBD than the competitors, but we couldn’t see any proof of that on its website.

In addition, Diamond CBD offers its special Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD oral drops (1000mg for $159.99). These drops are supported by one of the NFL Hall of Fame stars, Lawrence (LT) Taylor. They have been designed to combat the pain a person can suffer from sports injuries

How to Use Diamond CBD Oils

When using tinctures, simply hold the oil under your tongue for a few seconds before you swallow it. Alternatively, you can mix the oil with your food. As for the vape-oil, it can be added to your vaping device. Once you load the vape pen, puff the oil as usual.

The Efficacy of Diamond CBD Oils

Let’s start with their vapes. To begin with, we must say a good word about the flavors. They aren’t aggressive, meaning they do not feel as if you inhaled fruit-flavored perfumes, but they make a nice addition to the oil, making it quite enjoyable. Then, there are the effects. Well, CBD vape oil enters the bloodstream immediately after it gets vaporized, and Diamond CBD Vape Oils are no exception. They act pretty fast, calming nerves and alleviating anxiety.

Speaking of their tinctures, they work outstandingly well when it comes to managing back pain and the Pain Master Drops are invaluable for athletes who are exposed to injuries.

Diamond CBD Edibles

While the majority of companies limit themselves to a couple of CBD edibles to choose from, Diamond CBD has a couple of pages filled with CBD goodies, including Sour Faces, Gummy Bears, Relax Gummies, and Chill Gummies.

When it comes to their price, Chilli Gummies are rather expensive at $9.99 for a pack of 6 pieces. However, each packet contains 30mg of CBD which is pretty much for such small-size edibles. Plus, they taste like the real thing, which makes them really enjoyable and easy to munch on. Diamond CBD warns users not to take more than 2 pieces every 6 hours.

How to Use Diamond CBD Edibles?

As the name suggests, simply chew on the gummies and eat them.

The Efficacy of Diamond CBD Edibles

The relaxing effects of these gummies are quickly noticeable; you can feel the soothing sensation filing your body immediately. Please note that the gummies are among Diamond CBD’s best selling edibles (and best reviewed, too), so it seems you’re getting a decent product.

Diamond CBD Topicals

The range of Diamond CBD topical creams consists of Biotech CBD cream and Lawrence Taylor Pain Master Cream. The Biotech line comes in three volumes:

  • 250mg – $49.99
  • 500mg – $79.99
  • 1,000mg – $149.99

On the other hand, the Pain Master Cream is available at $159.99 for 1,000mg and has been designed to tackle localized sore muscle areas.

How to Use Diamond CBD Topicals

Simply rub the affected area with the cream. Use different amounts to see what dosage gives you the desired effect.

The Efficacy of Diamond CBD Topicals

Like we said, Diamond CBD topicals work very well for localized pain and muscle soreness caused by inflammation. If the traditional resources aren’t working, go ahead and give them a try. You should feel a noticeable reduction in pain within several minutes.

Diamond CBD Concentrates

As much as we admire the rich inventory of Diamond CBD products, things get pretty frustrating when it comes to choosing between their concentrates, or as the company calls them, CBD dabs.

Unfortunately, none of the offered products is really “dab-able” because they are just pure CBD isolates resembling a fine, salt-like powdered (CBD Crystals) or “crumble” dabs and “rock” dabs which are closer to the regular dabbing consistency – but we still wouldn’t call it a dab.

Finally, we decided to give the 1,000 mg Crystal Rock Dabs a shot that comes in a 1 gram vial and costs $99.99.

How to Use Diamond CBD Concentrates

The go-to method would be vaporization, but if you really want to know what it feels like to ‘dab’ CBD, you can dump one of the little rocks onto the nail and inhale while the material vaporizes. A full-size dab rig with a titanium nail and a carb cap will come in handy.

The Efficacy of Diamond CBD Concentrates

The”rock dab” does the job pretty well and, like all concentrates, it acts almost immediately. We noticed a large improvement in our migraines; the dab just vaporized our pain. Other users claim it does wonders to their anxiety and helps them maintain a clear-headed vibe throughout the day. The Diamond CBD rock dabs is powerful, but on the other hand, it’s pretty expensive unless you’re going to use it occasionally.

Where to Buy the Diamond CBD Range

The only place where you can purchase the Diamond CBD range is on their official website (https://www.diamondcbd.com). The great thing about the company is that you don’t need to look at different manufacturers to choose from the wealth of various CBD products because Diamond CBD offers a whole abundance of these goods. There are several products under each category and dozens of flavors including many tempting options.

A Final Hit on Diamond CBD

The cannabidiol revolution has given rise to a whole new movement. Both consumers and companies are amazed by the myriad of health benefits this particular cannabinoid comes with, and the very industry creates plenty of opportunities for manufacturers who aim at becoming true mavericks in their business.

Diamond CBD is a company that has grabbed the opportunity by the throat and it doesn’t want to let go. It has almost every CBD product you could ever think of. The only thing that’s missing is a range of vaping accessories which the company could use to become a holistic retailer.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Diamond CBD!

James Reed

James Reed

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