Green Vein Kratom – Strain Varieties, Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

Those who have recently jumped on the kratom bandwagon are fascinated by its apparent range of medicinal and recreational benefits. However, they do not realize that the very term “kratom” is a broad one, and the plant itself comes in different strains.

That being said, when consuming kratom, you will most likely achieve the same general effect, but the very unique character of your experience will depend on the particular strain.

There are three major strains we distinguish in kratom: red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom. As you would likely guess, the name relates to the color of veins that run through the plant’s leaves.

In this article, we are going to focus on the green variety of kratom. Just like its white vein cousin, the green vein kratom is characterized by low-to-moderate stimulating effects and higher euphoric effect than if you consumed the red vein kratom. Red vein varieties, on the other hand, generally offer a higher level of energy, one that can trigger edginess in less experienced users.

Let’s discover the variability of the green vein kratom first!

Variability of Green Vein Kratom

Like we said, there are many subvarieties of the green vein Kratom, so if you’re looking for a more personalized experience, it’s good to have a firm grip over these strains.

Here we go.

Green Malay

Also known as “Super Kratom” or “Premium Kratom”, the Green Malaysian strain has a decent reputation among the plant’s enthusiasts. This variety of the green vein kratom combines both mild, stimulating effects with significant pain relief; both effects are long lasting, so if you’re looking for a good nootropic strain, it’s either Green Malaysian or Green Vein Thai, of which the first one is definitely more popular.

Green Vein Borneo

While Green Malaysian provides moderate sedating effects, Green Borneo, its cousin, is hands down more potent. Actually, all borneo kratom strains tend to be quite strong, and Green Borneo is no exception. The effects of the strain are a combination of strong pain relief with balanced mental stimulation. On top of that, Green Vein Borneo has a very low incidence of side effects, so this strain is not only one of the most powerful pain relievers, but it’s also relatively safe.

Green Vein Thai

Thai kratom varieties are known for their energizing and euphoric effects. If you want to start the day with an intense, cerebral feeling and a boost of energy, Green Vein Thai will be just the perfect fit for you. In addition, the interplay of energetic and pain relieving properties are easy on both the mind and the body, without inducing commonly associated side effects, such as sweating, discomfort, or digestion issues.

Green Vein Sumatra

This kratom strain derives from Sumatra, an Indonesian island where the plant is grown in abundance. When it comes to the medical benefits of Green Vein Sumatra, the strain is a potent painkiller that leaves you with a wakeful effect – no drowsiness, no sluggish feeling, all you get is a combination of a mental alertness with a boost of energy. On top of that, Sumatra Green Vein kratom is anxiolytic, too, so it may come in handy for stress and anxiety relief in early stages.

Green Vein Bali

Bali green vein kratom strains are recommended for anyone trying out the plant for the first time. This particular variety develops big leaves which makes the final product easier thanks to the powdery consistency.

Green Vein Bali kratom is considered one of the most potent and inexpensive strains available to people. Surprisingly, the Bali variety does not grow in Bali, but in Borneo, although both strains are similar in potency.

This green vein kratom strain is great for pain relief (without sedation) and enhances cognitive thinking, which makes it a perfect choice for people who want to get a quick and long-lasting boost of energy without the side effects of, say, caffeine. When the effects of Green Vein Bali wear off, you may expect a steady feeling of relaxation with the increased sex drive.

Green Horn

Here comes one of the rarest green vein kratom strains – Green Horn. As the name suggests, this particular variety has horn-shaped leaves. It originated from Southeast Asia, but now the whole world knows about it.

When it comes to the positive effects of Green Horn, the strain provides great pain relief and a potent boost of energy. It’s weaker than most of the red vein kratom strains, but not as sedating as white vein varieties, so you can use it practically at every time of the day.

Besides the uplifting and analgesic properties, you may expect Green Horn to relieve stress, aid you in sleeping disorders and insomnia, and support your cognitive functions. All these effects are long-lasting, with only one dose being sufficient for most of the people.

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Effects of Green Vein Kratom

Kratom belongs to the coffee family, and as such, it comes with a list of advantages that are inherent to its cousins. The medicinal and recreational benefits of the green vein kratom, in general, include:

Strong Energy Boosting Properties

The green vein kratom is praised by many as an effective energy-boosting stimulant. It helps users maintain high energy levels when they need it, allowing them to face different challenges in life without experiencing fatigue. This feature of the green vein kratom is most beneficial for people who live a fast-paced life and cannot imagine their morning without some energizing agents.

Analgesic Benefits

The green kratom has been proven by independent studies to be effective for pain relief. Those who experience various bodily pains and aches, from acute injuries to chronic, neuropathic pains and migraines can benefit from the strain’s highly active analgesic properties.

Support for Cognitive Functions

This is one of the other many benefits of the green vein kratom and, sadly, the most underestimated one. This particular variety of kratom is capable of enhancing cognitive and mental functions. Those who consume kratom testify of the clear mindset and improved mental alertness when under the influence of the plant’s effects.

Positive Effects on Anxiety and Depression

Users who take kratom for stress relief report that they feel more relaxed and less agitated thanks to kratom’s relaxing properties. This helps them reduce their suffering when they’re struggling with depression or chronic anxiety. Although this particular benefit has only been discovered recently, the anecdotal claims appear to find support in the scientific evidence.

Side effects of Green Vein Kratom

Consumption of kratom is considered safe unless the user doesn’t go overboard and maintains a responsible habit. However, more sensitive people can still experience side effects if they start to become too abusive of the herb.

Here’s the list of the most common adverse effects:

  • Digestive problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Weight control issues
  • Runny nose
  • Vomiting
  • General irritation (physical and psychological)

Dosage of Green Vein Kratom

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as ideal dosage, as the ultimate effects of the green vein kratom depend on one’s tolerance, weight, and measurements.

Nevertheless, for anyone who is still beginning their adventure with kratom, it’s advised to take 1 gram per day; this should totally suffice for starters.

Once you get more accustomed to using the green vein kratom, you can increase the frequency of consumption by 3 grams per day. Those who are looking for long-lasting, strong effects can hit 5 grams of kratom, but it’s not recommended to exceed this limit.

Keep in mind that if you use kratom too frequently, you will eventually develop some form of tolerance which may prove to be counterproductive in the future, not to mention that it will be definitely burdensome for your body.


As you can see, there are many kratom strains out there, so if you want to adjust the effects to your liking, it’s good to have at least basic knowledge about different kratom varieties.

The green vein kratom is best for daytime use as it gives users a decent boost of energy and euphoria. Medical patients, in turn, will find the analgesic properties of the plant particularly beneficial, given the fact that the green vein kratom is not as sedative as the white vein variety. This allows you to get the best of both worlds when it comes to kratom and effects.

Nonetheless, remember to use kratom in moderation because due to its interaction with the opioid receptors in the brain, it can be addictive and cause a range of unpleasant side effects when abused.

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