KOI CBD Oil Review & Coupon (2018 Update)

The abundance of CBD products on the market makes it extremely difficult to distinguish between good and bad companies, especially when every manufacturer claims they produce something with over 99% CBD content and no traces of THC.

In a perfect world, this would be totally understandable.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and the reality is often harsher than we expect; so is the matter of CBD oil in the cannabis industry.

There are just too many companies that have joined the CBD bandwagon; if I were to mention the companies that can back up their bold claims with relevant products, I could count them on the fingers of both hands.

I’ve tried much of the stuff on the CBD oil market but some companies will never cease to surprise me with their dedication to cannabis and hemp. Koi CBD is one of such companies; they leave no doubts that the efficacy and quality of their CBD products is top-notch, and the sooner you see it for yourself, the better.

Let’s talk about Koi CBD for a while.

About Koi CBD

Koi CBD is a relatively fresh business, as the company was launched in 2015, in California. In just three years, Koi CBD has managed to make their name in the industry as one of the most trusted manufacturers who never fails to deliver the premium-quality CBD.

Koi CBD is very well aware that the market is overwhelmed by mediocre companies spreading false promises among the potential customers to lure them without backing up their claims with hard evidence.

Therefore, Koi CBD takes no half-measures when it comes to manufacturing their products. According to Brett Brunner, the Marketing Director of the company, Koi CBD uses 99% pure cannabidiol that is extracted with the pharma-grade CO2 in a cGMP facility, with no solvents and toxic chemicals.

The company claims their products consists of the finest hemp extract on the market. Is it true? Considering the 3rd-party lab tests results, which Koi CBD proudly displays on their official website, I’m not in a position to doubt it.

Koi CBD Highlights

There are several features that separate the good-quality CBD oil from the bad-quality CBD oil. Needless to say, Koi CBD is in the first group.

Here’s why the CBD oil from Koi places so high on the vast majority of lists with the best CBD providers in the industry:

It’s Sourced From the Finest Hemp

The hemp used by Koi CBD in the cannabidiol extraction is organic, certified, GMO- and pesticide-free.

It’s Extracted With CO2

Koi CBD uses the pharma-grade CO2 extraction process, thanks to which their products are 99% pure CBD and don’t contain any solvents or harmful chemicals.

It Has a Broad Spectrum of Cannabinoids

Koi CBD oil is not an isolate, but rather a whole-plant extract, meaning that Cannabidiol is only one of many cannabinoids present in the oil, such as CBN, CBG, and CBDV. On top of that, their extracts are rich in terpenes, which add up to the overall effect provided by the oil.

It Comes in Many Delicious Flavors

This just in! Koi CBD really cares about their customers’ taste buds. The company offers their CBD oil products in four flavors: natural, spearmint, orange, and lemon-lime. When it comes to vape juices, though, they come in Strawberry Milkshake, Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit, Vanilla Caramel Custard, Pink Lemonade, and Watermelon Green Apple Sour flavors.

Now, that’s the textbook example of diversity.

It’s Tested by State-certified Laboratories

Koi CBD proudly shows their 3rd-party lab tests results on the official website. If you want to see if the actual cannabinoid content matches what’s written on the label, or if you’re curious about the results for the potency or potential contaminants, the company has got you covered.

What Products Do They Offer

Koi CBD makes different kinds of CBD-infused products. Their passion is reflected in the wide selection of CBD oil tinctures, vape juices, topicals, gummies, and even health bites for your pets.

Yes, my friends, your dog and cat can benefit from CBD, too.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what Koi CBD has to offer:

Koi CBD Oil (Koi Naturals, 30ml)

Koi CBD oil is a full-spectrum CBD extract that comes in three strength levels:

  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 1000mg

There are four flavor options to choose from:

  • Natural
  • Spearmint
  • Orange
  • Lemon-lime

You can apply the oil drops sublingually, hold it in your mouth for 30-60 seconds, and swallow the oil. For making sublingual delivery easier, Koi CBD attached the dropper to their bottles.

All products from the Koi Naturals series are THC-free, which means they are completely legal and safe to use.

Prices: $39.99 – $99.99

Koi CBD Vape Juice

Koi CBD vape juice is hands down its premier offering. As I mentioned before, Koi provides you with five flavor options in their vape juice:

  • Classic Strawberry Milkshakce (Red)
  • Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit (Blue)
  • Vanilla Caramel Custard (Gold)
  • Pink Lemonade (Pink)
  • Watermelon Green Apple Sour (Jade

Each bottle comes in the 30ml volume and offers different potencies, save for the neutral flavor which doesn’t have the 100mg option:

  • 100mg
  • 250mg
  • 500mg

You can buy each bottle separately, but Koi CBD offers a KOI Variety Pack which comes with 5 bottles for the price of four.

The oil is clear in color, so you know you’re dealing with the high-quality stuff, but if you’re not sure if you like particular flavors, it’s better to purchase one bottle for starters, instead of buying in bulk.

Prices: $29.99 – $99.99

Lavender Koi CBD Body Lotion

CBD has been proven by numerous studies to help treat different skin conditions, and some experts argue that CBD is most effective when administered topically. For those of you who want to indulge yourself in a hand and body lotion, Koi CBD have created Lavender Koi CBD, which houses 200mg of CBD in a 125ml bottle.

This product is a perfect option for anyone suffering from skin conditions and rheumatoid pain – all you need to do is rub the lotion on the affected spot several times a day, and it should help reduce the swelling and significantly ease your pain.

Price: $44.99

Koi CBD Tropical Gummies

If you have a second stomach for sweets and desserts, Koi CBD tropical gummies will live up to your expectations. They are fresh, delicious, and each gummy contains a total of 5 mg CBD, with 20 gummies in one pack. The combination of acai pomegranate, tangerine, and lime is just mind-blowing.

Koi CBD tropical gummies contain 80% full spectrum CBD and terpene extracts, with no THC whatsoever. Other than the cannabinoid content, the gummies contain citric acid, sugar, gelatin, and artificial flavoring.

While this may not be the most healthy option to consume cannabidiol, it will definitely bring down pleasure to your palate – something which most CBD-infused products are not famous for.

The recommended dosage of the product is to take 1-3 gummies per day. These edibles are a very convenient way to keep your intake of cannabidiol while on-the-go.

Price: $29.99

Koi CBD Pet Treats (Health Bites)

Like humans, dogs have the endocannabinoid system, so why keep your pet away from the marvelous health benefits of CBD? Koi CBD Health Bites are designed specifically for dogs, and they come in packets including 10 bone-shaped cookies each. A single cookie contains a total of 22mg CBD.

If your dog weighs under 20 pounds, half a cookie a day should suffice, but if its weight is over 20 pounds, a full cookie is recommended.

Price: $29.99

Where to Buy Koi CBD Oil Products?

The best and safest method to purchase Koi CBD oil products is to buy them directly from the Official Koi CBD Website. Nevertheless, there are several sites around the globe where you can get their CBD oil because Koi is a popular brand.

Final Thoughts on Koi CBD

As it is with any CBD oil manufacturer these days, I’ve approached Koi CBD with a fair dose of skepticism. After all, words are sometimes a far cry from reality, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Fortunately, it came out that Koi CBD is a trusted manufacturer who cares about the cannabis & hemp community. Their products are of the best quality, their customer service is always here to help you, and the abundance of flavors will make your jaw drop within seconds.

What is your experience with Koi CBD?

James Reed

James Reed

James is our in-house cannabis expert and foodie. He earned a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a focus on pharmacology several years ago and has since been working as a writer and editor for cannabis-related blogs and e-commerce brands. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the landscape around his Crescent City home with his dog Gus.

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