Sol CBD Oil Review (2019 Update)

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Sol CBD claims to bring your body back to health. Is the company worth your trust and do their CBD products really excel at efficacy? In this review, we test Sol CBD oil range and share our experience to see if Sol CBD deserve the hype they get

It’s not a secret that the hemp industry has some serious potential for becoming the next multi-billion dollar market.

Today, we’re going to stay away from the big cash and hungry sharks.

Instead, we’ll get you introduced to Sol CBD, a family business run by a husband-and-wife team, Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky.

Sol CBD claims to “Bring Your Body Back to Health” with their highly bioavailable CBD products. Given that they’ve been up and running for 3 years since the company was launched— and they’re still in good shape— they must have gotten something right.

You know that here at iSum we like to test everything thoroughly before we even say one good word about the company of our choice.

The CBD industry is flooded with mediocre or low-quality manufacturers, so we’re on a mission to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Where does Sol CBD belong?

Let’s find out!

About Sol CBD

Unlike the majority of cannabidiol retailers, Sol CBD is a small family-run organization founded by husband and wife team, Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky.

They’re both natural health care advocates. After eight years of working in the health and wellness industry, and running various personal development blogs, they decided to change their activity channel to raise health awareness and improve people’s lives through the power of CBD.

Why did they decide to enter the CBD market? As Oksana says, they were amazed by the health benefits of cannabidiol after experiencing them first-hand.

Do we believe this couple’s story? Yes.

After all, many people previously working in other branches of the health and wellness industries have jumped on the CBD bandwagon once they’ve embraced the therapeutic qualities of CBD for themselves.

But quite frankly, we don’t care much about the founder’s story. All we care about is the product, and we base our reviews on the efficacy of the cannabidiol itself.

Let’s see what Sol CBD has to offer in terms of the industry’s quality standards.

Sol CBD Brand Highlights

We always try to sensitize our readers to the quality of their CBD.

There are plenty of companies out there who are seeking to rip you off and take your hard earned money.

Thankfully, Sol CBD doesn’t appear to be one of these brands.

Oksana and Larry source their cannabidiol from organic, non-GMO industrial hemp plants cultivated in the U.S. This makes us happy because it’s difficult to find a 100% U.S. company these days.

Moreover, they use supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain their products. This means the CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from the plant matter without needing to add any nasty chemicals. This method produces a pure and potent extract.

But hey, isn’t that what most CBD companies claim to use?

Supercritical CO2 is quickly becoming the standard, however, proving this is another story altogether.

Sol CBD, on the other hand, can prove it with a valid Certificate of Analysis and third-party lab testing.

It looks like Oksana and Harry are actually on their mission to bring your body back to health.

Is Sol CBD as Bioavailable as They Claim?

One major thing the company claims sets their CBD oil apart from the competition is the bioavailability.

Here’s what we can read on Sol CBD’s website:

“Sol CBD products are the latest scientific breakthrough that is the result of over 30 years of intense research & development done by Dr. Mewa Singh, PhD. By mimicking the natural processes of the human body, Dr. Singh has discovered a way to dramatically improve the bioavailability and absorption of CBD and Ayurvedic herbs through a patented all natural nanotechnology which makes them water soluble and small enough to pass effortlessly through the cell walls.”

We take this statement with a pinch of salt, as many other CBD companies make similar claims. We will, however, pay great attention to this aspect when reviewing Sol CBD products.

Sol CBD Oil Range

When it comes to the number of CBD products, Sol CBD is not a typical buy-everything-in-one-place manufacturer.

The company offers CBD oil tinctures, CBD capsules, and their “groundbreaking” product— Liposomal CBD.

We’re going to start with their staple.

1. Sol CBD Oil Drops

As far as CBD is concerned, these drops aren’t exactly CBD oil.

You see, the Ostrovsky couple has apparently figured out a way to increase the efficacy of CBD by incorporating Ayurvedic herbs into their blend. The blend is allegedly more natural for the body to absorb than other CBD products.

Or, it’s just a smart way of leveraging the prices of their CBD drops?

Sol CBD sells their CBD oil in 300 mg and 3,600 mg bottles.

We’ve tried the 300 mg version and here’s our verdict:

Pros & Cons:

Pros Cons
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Works great for sleep and anxiety
  • It’s a full-spectrum extract
    The cinnamint flavor is delicious
  • Needs more time to take effect for chronic back pain

How to Use it

Fill the dropper to match your recommended daily dosage. Once you’re done, put the CBD oil under the tongue, wait for approximately 30 to 60 seconds, and swallow.

We strongly recommend the cinnamint flavor because it tastes exceptionally well, at least for our liking.

Our Take On the Product

Our overall feelings are positive.

We have to admit that we were a bit skeptical about the brand’s claims and the fact their products are more expensive than the ones we usually try, but the CBD oil drops did act quite quickly for anxiety symptoms.

We cannot say the same about the back pain problem, though. Sure, you can feel a little more comfortable when on the CBD than off it, but that’s just it.

We feel like the 3,600 mg tincture could do the trick because 300mg of CBD per bottle is rather designed for milder conditions.

As for the bioavailability, it goes without saying that this product acts rapidly and requires minimal doses to calm your mind, so maybe the bioavailability claims from the Ostrovsky couple appear to be well founded.

Price: $65 per bottle

2. Sol CBD Liposomal CBD

We’re always on the lookout for new CBD products, especially if their production involves using innovative technology.

We recently bought Sol CBD’s Liposomal CBD. We were drawn to it for our fondness of liposomal vitamin C, one of the most bioavailable forms of this compound. We wanted to see if the same applied to CBD.

Liposomal CBD is contained in liposomes, which are very similar to the structure of the human vesicles— They Consist of a double-layer “bubble” made from phospholipids and filled with liquids.

The body uses vesicles to contain compounds together in a little package. In much the same way, liposomal nutrients— or in this case CBD— consists of a fatty layer, containing the CBD molecules together in a little bubble.

This has some distinct (theoretical) advantages.

The body absorbs both fatty substances, and water-soluble substances differently. Fatty substances— including CBD— are way less efficiently absorbed, because they need to first so packaging them into liposomes makes it easier for the body to absorb them in their entirety.

The liposomal form allows cannabidiol to be transported swiftly into the body. It quickly passes the digestive system and makes it directly to the bloodstream, avoiding the liver.

Here’s what we think about Sol CBD Liposomal CBD:

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • High bioavailability
  • Evenly distributes CBD throughout the body
  • Easy to take (all you have to do is mix the CBD with water)
  • Contained in a miron violet glass to protect the herbal extract
  • Real fruit extracts from oranges and naturally sweetened with stevia
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Only 5mg of CBD per serving

How to Use it

For the best results, chase your dose of Liposomal CBD with 4 ounces of water. That’s a tip we received from customer service rep Lorena after making the purchase.

Our Take On the Product

We have to admit that this is one of the most unique ways to take CBD, and it’s actually a pretty enjoyable one.

Nonetheless, not only does the CBD taste great, but it does a good job at fighting anxiety and stress.

Like the majority of users whose testimonies are posted on the Sol CBD’s website, we also felt sudden relief from stress. One of the biggest improvements many of us noticed was how it helped us avoid those pesky racing thoughts before bed.

Are there any downsides to This Liposomal CBD?

If you live a busy lifestyle and are constantly on the move, then you might find the liposomal CBD a bit uncomfortable as the product is too “concentrated” in flavor to take it on its own, and thus, requires you to mix it with water to make it more tolerable.

Price: $79.00 per bottle

3. Sol CBD Herbal Balm 

CBD balms and other topicals are a perfect solution for those who aren’t convinced about ingesting the substance, or who suffer from muscle or joint pain.

Like almost every other CBD brand, Sol CBD has their own topical option.

This herbal balm is comprised of a synergistic mix of cannabinoids and herbs to relieve muscle and joint pain at the source.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Packed with full-spectrum CBD and 12 different ingredients like lemon peel oil, grapeseed oil, and virgin andiroba oil among many others
  • Easy to apply
  • Works immediately on joint pain, muscle inflammation, and skin conditions
  • Only 125mg of CBD in a 4 oz jar

How to Use it

You have to apply the product the same way you would apply any other topical treatment balm. Just rub the balm over the affected area and delicately spread it out until it gets absorbed.

Our Take On the Product

We’re very impressed with how this herbal balm turned out.

While it would be wrong to expect this product to have any effect on anxiety or stress — after all, topical treatments are mostly used for physical conditions — it has a great effect on joint pain and muscle soreness.

Plus, it works well for the post-workout muscle regeneration, which is why we believe CBD topicals to be a must-have for all athletes who seek natural solutions to their ailments.

Price: $47.00 per jar

Final Thoughts On Sol CBD

Whether you’re a beginner or connoisseur, Sol CBD should live up to your expectations because the company focuses on health as much as it does on the taste of their products.

This family business is living proof that you don’t need to be a PR & marketing machine to make it to the mainstream CBD market.

Their CBD oil drops aren’t a groundbreaking product, but they relieve anxiety and stress like the majority of their high-end competitors, which is a plus.

Sol CBD’s Liposomal CBD, on the other hand, could be a true game-changer for those looking for high bioavailability. The product works incredibly fast and if the company decides to come up with even stronger versions, we’ll be more than happy to test how it works for more severe conditions.

Finally, their herbal balm does exactly what it’s supposed to do: reduce inflammation, fight localized pain, and boost skin health.

Sol CBD strives to produce the highest quality products they can and prove it through third-party testing. If transparency is high on your priority list when buying CBD oil, and you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on cannabidiol, then Sol CBD is an excellent option for you.

James Reed

James is our in-house cannabis expert and foodie. He earned a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a focus on pharmacology several years ago and has since been working as a writer and editor for cannabis-related blogs and e-commerce brands. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the landscape around his Crescent City home with his dog Gus.

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