Verified CBD Review & Coupon Code (2018 Update)

Branding is everything, regardless of the industry. And when a person wants to establish a CBD oil company, branding becomes even more important. After all, the CBD market is set to be a multi-billion-dollar industry within the next couple of years. The health benefits of CBD are widely known, and more people are jumping on the bandwagon to medicate in a natural way.

With hundreds of CBD suppliers to choose from, finding a trustworthy company may seem like a challenge. Everybody is aspiring to be among the best of the best, but not everyone is willing to comply with the gold standards that help customers distinguish between good and bad CBD oil providers.

In this post, we review VerifiedCBD, a brand that stirs ambiguous emotions among the CBD community. Are they a reputable company whose bold claims coincide with reality? We shall see!

About VerifiedCBD

It’s actually quite troublesome to answer this somehow easy question in this company’s case. VerifiedCBD is in the business since 2014 and they are selling their CBD products to 50 countries around the world. That being said, they should have an impressive record of their market activity, shouldn’t they?

Unfortunately, there is very little information about VerifiedCBD online. Even the “About Us” page is scant and fails to uncover the story behind the company, not to mention that the images on their website are mostly stock photos – not the best strategy for a good first impression.

Nevertheless, VerifiedCBD is a proof that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Yes, their website could have been more transparent, and yes, the company should invest some money in the UX design. But when you message them about copies of their oil documents, they will send it via email without any problems, so as you can see, VerifiedCBD is not just your average company.

Here’s why.

VerifiedCBD Highlights

After doing a little background check on VerifiedCBD, we came to the conclusion that the company is dead serious about the quality of their CBD oil. They combine organic materials with brand new extraction techniques to achieve a pure and potent full-spectrum extract. On top of that, VerifiedCBD tests its products for potency as well as for unique terpene profile, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological contamination.

To wrap it up, we’ve put together a least of the company’s standout features:

  • 100% organic, GMO-free hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • Lab-tested using advanced HPLC equipment
  • Outstanding level of purity (VerifiedCBD oils are 80% pure compared to the 17-40% level of its competitors
  • Full-spectrum extracts
  • A wide selection of CBD products
  • Shipping to 50 countries around the world

Now, let’s take a look at the range of CBD oil products offered by VerifiedCBD.

Review of VerifiedCBD Cannabidiol Products

VerifiedCBD offers an impressively wide range of CBD products, ranging from classic goods like CBD oil tinctures to a selection of oral sprays and even dog treats. Guess what? In this article, we review the entire range!

VerifiedCBD CBD Oil

The VerifiedCBD CBD oil is the company’s signature product that it’s easy to apply, fully organic, and contains 0% THC; that being said, it won’t make you high.

VerifiedCBD CBD Oil comes in three sizes:

  • 500mg for $43.95
  • 750mg for $67.95
  • 1500mg for $129.95

All three options come in one-ounce bottles, so the 1500mg has 3 times more CBD inside. A 500mg bottle contains 10mg of CBD per serving, giving you 50 servings in total.

The hemp used to extract Cannabidiol comes from the U.S. farms and is GMO-free, and the company claims the oil to be the purest on the market.

How to use VerifiedCBD CBD Oil:

All you have to do is put a drop or two under your tongue, hold it for approximately 60 seconds, and swallow. Alternatively, you can add VerifiedCBD CBD oil to your food. As for the recommended dosage, it depends on an individual and what the person needs the oil for.

The efficacy of VerifiedCBD CBD Oil:

As for the oil itself, it works really well for mild anxiety – especially for social anxiety – and has nice feedback from customers when it comes to pain relief. Many users report that the back pain they suffered from for 30 years was gone after three days of consistent supplementation with CBD oil.

However, we’re not sure if this really is the purest oil on the market. In fact, we’ve seen some better-looking oils in our lives, but still, it does it job so who are we to judge?

VerifiedCBD Capsules

For those people who are interested only in the benefits of Cannabidiol or are simply allergic to other cannabinoids, VerifiedCBD capsules are a great alternative.

VerifiedCBD Capsules come in two sizes:

  • 10mg: $47.95
  • 25mg: $77.95

This product is 99% pure CBD isolate and each capsule contains 10mg of the compound. Plus, if you’re not a fan of the cannabidiol taste, here’s the good news: CBD isolate is completely flavorless.

How to use VerifiedCBD Capsules:

Whenever you need your dose of CBD, simply take one capsule and swallow it, drinking some water afterward. Each container comes with 30 capsules, which should be enough for one month’s supply.

The efficacy of VerifiedCBD Capsules:

These capsules are perfect for people who are traveling a lot and need to keep their intake of Cannabidiol on the go. Each capsule has the same potency, so dosing is much easier than in the case of tinctures. As for the effects, one capsule should be enough to handle mild-to-moderate aches, but chronic pain may require more than one piece.

VerifiedCBD Sprays

VerifiedCBD offers different sprays infused with cannabidiol and other compounds, depending on the purpose. Thus far, VerifiedCBD has introduced the CBD for weight loss, CBD for sleep problems, CBD for Pain Relief, and CBD for Anxiety and Stress.

Each version of the spray comes in a 0.25 oz bottle ($43.95) and contains 60mg of 99% pure CBD oil.

How to use VerifiedCBD Sprays:

Shake the bottle and spray two sprays the product two times under your tongue. Hold it for 10 seconds, then swallow. This form of CBD application is one of the fastest acting methods.

The efficacy of VerifiedCBD Sprays:

When it comes to CBD sprays, opinions are divided. Some people believe it’s the best method to administer CBD, while others consider them unnecessary. As far as we’re concerned, CBD sprays are effective and yes, they act very quickly. But on the other hand, the effects last shorter than if a person consumed tinctures, capsules, or edibles. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent option for people who are always in a hurry and don’t have time to think about dosing tinctures during the day. Plus, the fact that each of the VerifiedCBD sprays can address a different purpose makes it a well-personalized wellness product.

VerifiedCBD Topicals

If you’re looking for relief from direct or inflammatory pain, or you’re focused on keeping your skin in the perfect shape, you might find the Verified CBD topicals appealing, to say the least.

Their range of CBD topical products include:

  • CBD Anti-Aging Cream ($47.95)
  • CBD Hemp Intensive Healing Pain Rub ($47.95)
  • CBD Daily Skin Re-energizer ($43.95)

How to use VerifiedCBD Topicals:

The Daily Skin Re-Energizer requires you to apply it daily to face and neck – the product is reserved exclusively for external use. To use the Anti-Aging cream, gently massage a dime-size amount onto face, neck, and rub it in upward strokes in the morning and night. Finally, the Hemp Intensive Healing Pain Rub starts working when you apply it to the affected area, 3-4 times a day.

The efficacy of VerifiedCBD Topicals:
It appears that topical rubs will soon become the company’s next signature product. These all-natural, organic creams and lotions they produce have gained excellent feedback from customers.

People using VerifiedCBD topicals report that they keep the skin in a balanced tone, never making it oily contrary to other products on the market. When it comes to VerifiedCBD Healing Rub, it’s mainly praised by athletes for its effectiveness and the time it takes to see the effects. Long distance runners, soccer moms, fitness competitors – their testimonies can be found on the VerifiedCBD’s official website, as well as in many reviews on the internet.

One photographer states that once he’s had to go and take some pictures for his project that needed him outdoors in a hell-hot temperature for 2 days. When he got home, he suffered from a bad sunburn and after administering the VerifiedCBD Hemp Intensive Healing Pain Rub, the soreness and pain were gone after a couple of days.

VeifiedCBD Dog Treats

While the majority of CBD companies choose to sell traditional CBD oil tinctures for pets, VerifiedCBD refuses to follow that pattern. Instead, they offer CBD dog treats, which are perfect for keeping your best buddy healthy and satisfied. One package of VerifiedCBD Dog Treats ($37.99) contains 30 cookies, with 5mg of Cannabidiol in each piece.

How to use VerifiedCBD Dog Treats:

Check the back of the package for the exact dosage guideline and give a treat or two to your pet. Observe the results and adjust the dose if needed.

The efficacy of VerifiedCBD Dog Treats:

To begin with, these munchies are really tasty, at least that’s what our team members noticed when they gave the VerifiedCBD dog treats to their friends, judging by their facial expressions! Dog owners who decided to give these treats a shot are amazed by how fast their dogs run now. Besides the noticeable boost of energy, this product gets many 4-5 star reviews in terms of pain and anxiety relief.

Where to Buy the VerifiedCBD Range?

The only place you can purchase the company’s good is on its corporate website. While we don’t doubt the quality of VerifiedCBD’s customer service, it would be nice if they joined the wholesale network to reach more people.

VerifiedCBD’s official website:


All in all, VerifiedCBD is a credible CBD oil supplier with years of experience in the hemp business. Although their website needs some tuning – a major overhaul would be too much – their customer service is well-informed about the range of products and they willingly show their CBD oil documents for each batch on demand. VerifiedCBD meets every criterion to be qualified as one of the best CBD company in the industry; they use domestically-grown hemp, their products are extracted with CO2 and lab tested for potency and purity, and the selection of their CBD oils is really impressive. If the company has been on your radar for a while, maybe it’s time to give them a shot. As far as we’re concerned, they are worth it.

James Reed

James Reed

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